Dawn is an innovative image-processing program that takes the hard work out of routine tasks such as calibration, alignment and stacking. It employs a novel user interface which is not cluttered with details and which makes optimum use of screen space, and it allows a sequence of image-processing steps to be represented in the form of a graphical workflow which can be created with a few mouse clicks and can then be executed very easily for repeatable and speedy results. Dawn runs under Windows and is available free-of-charge to users of Atik cameras.

Download the latest version of Dawn

Release notes

The previous version of Dawn can be downloaded from here

Thank you for trying the software. If you encounter problems, need help such as further explanation or a demo, or have any comments, please email me at jonathan@atik-cameras.com. Any comments or suggestions that you have will be very welcome.




Introductory Videos

The following videos give a brief introduction to different aspects of Dawn:

Displaying images  shows the process of loading and displaying images and how to use the image display.

Dark Magic introduces Dawn's method for doing hot pixel removal.

Image Alignment gives an overview of how to perform basic image alignment using Dawn.

RGB Processing  shows how to combine separate red, green and blue images into a single colour image.