Frequently asked Questions

Where can I share images I have taken with my Atik Camera?

Lots of Forums and Magazines publish astronomical pictures. 

The Atik Yahoo group , UKAI and Stargazers Lounge are good places to start. If you have a website, send us your link and we'll gladly publish it in our dedicated webpage.

I would like to get into astro imaging but am unsure where to start?

Astronomical Imaging can be both massively rewarding and rather frustrating. Talking to like minded astronomers will help emphasise the former. Again the Atik Instruments forum can be useful (you don’t need to have an Atik camera to join). Also UKAI is well recommended.  There are many hundreds of astronomy societies that meet throughout the world so its worthwhile finding your local one.

What software Can I use with ATIK Cameras?

We provide our Capture software and plug ins for Maxim, Astro Art and CCD Soft.  In addition Prism, PHD and K3CCDTools can support Atik Cameras. 

Check the softwares websites to find which models are supported.

What is the back focus distance of my camera?

The back focus distances are described in the mechanical drawings you'll find in the product pages.

What is the maximum voltage that can be used to power the cameras?


Are Atik about to produce a camera with CCD x?

We make all our first announcements on the Atik Instruments yahoo group.  When the details firm up we will post a news item on this website.

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