Core Software Beta Changelog

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DLL v2021.09.03.804

  • First beta build containing Apx60 Code
    • Setting the camera’s exposure speed to ‘Fast’ for the moment sets the camera speed internally to ‘Normal’ while a bug is being fixed with the fast mode.

Infinity v2021.09.02.112

  • Improved stacking performance


  • Users will now get the option to delete their data (from C:\programdata\Atik) when uninstalling the software
  • Users previously needed to install .NET 2.0 before using the core installer, this is no longer an issue

DLL v2021.07.20.782

  • Added ms to the FITS header exposure date for ASCOM
  • The GP “previous image” bug is fixed
  • Pixel size for the ACIS cameras is now correct rather than listing the Horizon’s pixel size
  • Preliminary fix for the ACIS getting trapped in a cycle of bad images

Infinity v2021.07.16.112

  • Infinity fast mode fixed
  • Infinity stacking settings will now save on exit of the program
  • Infinity connection to youtube is fixed


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