Core Software Downloads – Mac

Our Dusk software is compatible with Mac, learn more about Dusk here. Please note that we only support the current version of MacOS Catalina.

Download Dusk for Mac

For the change log of our software please click below.

View our change log

*Please note that the Atik GP camera is not supported by official Atik software on Mac applications. If you wish to use this camera on Mac applications, third party software providers may enable you to do so.

Mac Driver

It is our advice that this driver is no longer required and in order to use our newest software applications this driver should be uninstalled if it is currently installed on your system. If you think that you do require this driver, please contact us by emailing

Please click the below link to uninstall the driver.

Mac driver uninstaller

Atik’s Current Software Packages (Mac)

Our current software applications for astrophotograpy users are listed below. Simply click on the icon to visit the respective software page and learn more or download the application.


Atik Cameras App

Other Compatible Software

Atik Cameras also works with Cloudmakers and Indigo Astronomy – please consult the respective websites for more information about these platforms.