Dusk Software

Dusk Software


An update of our original Capture software, Dusk now comes with improved auto guiding and auto focus. Please note that we only support the current version of MacOS Catalina.

Download Dusk for Windows

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Dusk Software Manual





Key Features of Dusk

  • Exposure – Dusk allows for exposures between 0.001S and 600S (10 minutes)
  • Binning – Dusk enables you to participate in a process called binning that combines a given number of adjacent pixels to create bigger pixels, enhancing sensitivity at the expense of resolution.
  • Auto Focus – After selecting auto focus, an image will be taken at the current focuser position. The brightest star will be found and an automatic subframe will be placed around the star, based on the number of steps you specificed a series of binned images will then be taken. The best focus position will then be determined and the focuser will automatically move to this position.
  • Sequencer – The sequencer functionality allows you to create multiple sequences and easily swap between and edit them.
  • Compatible with – All Atik Cameras


Screenshots of Dusk

Dusk Software Screenshot 2 Dusk Software Screenshot 4 Dusk Software Screenshot 5 Dusk Software Screenshot 6 Dusk Software Screenshot 7