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Designed for video astronomy and near real-time viewing, the Infinity software features a number of integrated pre-sets to get you started with minimum set up, while ensuring you always remain in control.

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Key Features of Infinity

  • Live continuous stacking
  • Adjustable histogram and auto range selection – The histogram displays the saturation of your image and can be adjusted to get the best views of any object. Auto range automatically sets the black, white, and grey levels on the histogram and continually adjusts them as each new image comes in.
  • Finder mode – Provides a fast, highly sensitive image to help you find objects easily.
  • Session record & replay functions 
  • Live broadcast integration – Infinity provides you with the option to broadcast through YouTube or Video Astronomy Live.
  • Second screen image pop out – When a 2nd monitor is detected, simply click on the screen pop-put button to display a duplicate image window on the second screen.
  • Save in FITs, JPEG and PNG formats
  • Cameras Compatible with –  Infinity, Horizon Series, ACIS 7.1, 314, 414EX, 420, 428EX, 450, 460EX, 490EX, 4120EX 

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