Atik 16200

  • Dual-stage peltier
  • Powerful new heatsink
  • Low noise
  • Consistent and reliable performance


The Atik 16200 boasts an APS-H size sensor with a 35mm diagonal in a new case design. The 6µm pixel sensor makes it suitable for a large range of telescopes. The large format size of the camera makes it ideal for astrophotographers looking to capture widefield views of the night sky and zoom in on deep sky regions of interest.

It’s also an excellent match for longer focal lengths, capturing intricate details on even the smallest and faintest of objects. Whatever your astrophotography style, the large size of the images give you the freedom and flexibility to zoom in and take a closer look at regions of interest with the level of detail you’d expect from your main target. This can also be used for OEM applications.

Specifications Download Datasheet

Image Sensor CCD - KAF-16200
Resolution 4499 x 3599
Pixel Pitch 6 µm
Full Well ~40,000e-
Read Noise 9e- typical value
Dark Current Noise
at camera set point
>0.25 electrons/second at 0°C
Set Point Cooling
at ambient of 20oC
Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-50°C
Mount Type M54 x 0.75
ADC 16 bit
Backfocus Distance 19.5mm ±0.5
Exposure Range 200ms - unlimited