Atik 383L+

  • Low read-noise circuits
  • Enables faint details to be detected
  • Scientific grade sensor


The Atik 383L + features the Kodak KAF-8300 CCD with a huge number of good-sized pixels. This sensor has redefined mid-range astro-imaging, making multi-megapixel cooled cameras much more accessible. Atik prides itself on providing cameras offering the very highest deep sky imaging quality at a reasonable cost.

Specifications Download Datasheet

Image Sensor KAF-8300 17.6mm x 13.52m
Resolution 3354 x 2529
Pixel Pitch 5.40µm
Full Well ~26,000 e-
Read Noise Typical 7e-
Dark Current Noise
at camera set point
~0.1 electrons/second at -10°
Set Point Cooling
at ambient of 20oC
∆T = -40˚C max
Mount Type M42 x 0.75
ADC 16 bit
Backfocus Distance 17mm ±0.5
Exposure Range 200ms - unlimited