• Ultra-high sensitivity, back illuminated sensor
  • Extremely large full well capacity mode
  • 1e- read noise
  • Small pixel for improved spatial resolution


MicroMOS takes the best of the latest generation of back-illuminated CMOS sensors and makes them ideal for microscopy. With greater than 90% QE and around 1 e- of read noise the MicroMOS provides sCMOS levels of fluorescence detection, minimising the lowest level of detection to single molecule detection levels. MicroMOS also gives optimised resolution for a wide range of objectives. The 3.76 ┬Ám pixels maximise spatial resolution at lower power objectives and optimised imaging modes allow Nyquest sampling at a range of magnifications, light level and frame rate requirements. Additionally, MicroMOS 16, 25 and 36 have true 16-bit readout with no need to use gain combining to get an extremely high dynamic range – utilising the 50k e- full well for live imaging and a combined shot mode with 4x the dynamic range.

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