Live Broadcast from Lisbon

By Jo on

Note: This event has passed, but you can still catch up with the highlights here


We mentioned last week that we’re planning a live broadcast to demonstrate the new Atik Infinity in action and tonight is going to be the night!

Tune in from 10pm BST to see the camera in action and chat about it live with Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa. We’ll be broadcasting through YouTube so all you need is a Google login to chat. Don’t have a Google login? If you post your questions to us here throughout the day, we’ll do our best to make sure they’re answered on air tonight.

Unfortunately we’re going to have to include the standard weather disclaimer – the forecast’s been a little touch and go, and there might be some high cloud about. You’ll still be able to tune in and post questions direct to Steve and Rui, and watch the view from the Infinity as the clouds hopefully break.

Already have some questions ready to ask? Post them in the comments below.

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