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Take a look at the range of imaging solutions we offer, from PCB board sets to fully cooled cameras with optional filter wheels. 


From Gel Documentation to Fluorescence Inspection, our imaging solutions are used by scientists and engineers from around the globe.


Ideal for PCR and qPCR testing

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Atik have now supplied imaging solutions into thousands of PCR and qPCR installations worldwide for the purpose of testing for COVID-19.

Due to Atik’s flexible design philosophy, you can work with us to create the optimal camera for your system at a competitive price.

Our ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities have been expanded to further extend the production capability and increase the delivery of products into PCR solutions.

Bespoke and cost-effective

Expanding capabilities

Atik’s bespoke and cost-effective imaging solutions are used across thousands of PCR and qPCR installations for COVID-19 testing worldwide.

Imaging solutions for PCR and qPCR instruments

Future focus

We are working with existing customers to develop the next generation of PCR instruments, with the aim of increasing processing speed and throughput.