OEM Series

In addition to Atik’s wide range of standard products, we offer a comprehensive OEM solutions service for those customers wishing to integrate our OEM cooled CCD cameras into a fully self-contained low light imaging system.

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Scientific CCD Cameras - Solutions for OEM Integration

The challenge of integrating cooled CCD Cameras into imaging equipment designs has never been so straightforward. Our design philosophy provides the flexibility demanded by our OEM customer base which stretches right across the globe. Microscopy users are also well catered for with the VS range. Atik OEM cameras provide a versatile solution for any low light application which simplifies the designer's task of integration. 16 Bit digitisation (65536 grey levels) and 35°C cooling below ambient adds up to the ideal specification for low light imaging.

Applications include:

  • Gel Documentation

  • Chemiluminescence

  • Electroluminescence

  • Fluorescence Microscopy

Peltier cooled Sony CCD sensors ranging from 1.4MPixels up to 9.2MPixels in resolution are available built into a nickel plated or anodised aluminium camera body designed to provide excellent airflow characteristics around the heat-sink when mounted in an enclosed cabinet. Image acquisition speed is proportional to the analogue to digital conversion. Our OEM camera is optimised for the highest quality images at 1MPixels/s and our VS range digitises at an impressive 6MPixels/s. A Preview setting is available for both models which effectively doubles the acquisition speed for focusing purposes.


System Requirements

  • Pentium IV PC with 512MB RAM
  • Windows 10/Win8
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB 2.0 port