SDK Change Log

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DLL v2022.07.13.1003

  • Linux bug fix
    • Fixed issue with iterating through connected udev devices.


DLL v2022.07.06.999

  • Apx Series
    • Updated the Apx26/60’s cooling algorithm so that it sits tighter on the setpoint
  • TE-77
    • Fixed bug that allowed the exposure speed to be set outside of the 3 available modes causing undefined behaviour.
  • Debug Output
    • Our debug output has now been updated to be cross platform and the location changed to the current users app data folder. The debug files will now be output in:
      • %LOCALAPPDATA%/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for Windows
      • ~/.config/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for linux
      • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for macOS


DLL v2022.05.04.976

  • First release containing Apx60 production ready software.


DLL v2021.11.02.862

  • Fixed issue where our CMOS cameras (ACIS/Horizon/Apx) would always report PowerSave as their exposure speed.


DLL v2021.10.22.847

  • Fixed error with “ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedCalculcationComplete” renamed “ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedCalculationComplete”
  • Updated the C++ example to include the latest revision of AtikCameras.h & AtikCameras.cpp


DLL v2021.10.18.840

  • Added 4 new functions to the API:
    • ArtemisHotPixelAutoRemoval
    • ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedRemoval
    • ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedStartCalculateHotPixels
    • ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedCalculcationComplete
  • Mac build no longer statically links to libusb
  • First stable build containing Apx60 Code
    • Setting the camera’s exposure speed to ‘Fast’ for the moment sets the camera speed internally to ‘Normal’ while a bug is being fixed.
  • Updated documentation. Now using Doxygen.
  • Fixed an issue where the dll would crash on exit (mostly occurred if a camera was imaging)
  • The C#/.NET example has been updated to incorporate calls to the updated HotPixelRemoval


DLL V2020.10.19.677

  • Fixed issue with binning causing distorted images on the ACIS/Horizon.
  • Fixed issue with ACIS/HorizonII being left in Normal or Fast Mode when shutdown causing the camera to return blank images on re-connect.


DLL V2020.09.21.673

  • Created a temporary fix for the Horizon & Horizon II displaying a broken(mosaic) image on Windows 7 & 10. This issue had been seen on Linux/macOS/Raspberry Pi previously.


DLL V2020.09.14.670

  • Fix for Horizon/ACIS showing a mosaic like pattern