SDK Changelog

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DLL v2023.07.14.1456

  • ChemiMOS now saves it’s 16 bit mode between power cycles
  • Fixed issue setting gain above 60 on the Apx26/60


DLL v2023.06.19.1424

  • Improved stability of all Apx/ChemiMOS series cameras on linux.
  • Fixed stopwatch implementation for linux/macOS.


DLL v2023.03.31.1341

  • Fixed issue with Apx60 returning blank frames in Fast-Mode when running at max framerate(2fps) on linux/macOS.
  • Fixed bug where auto exposure speed would not work with the 16bit gain modes.


DLL v2023.03.17.1283

  • Enabled the gain and exposure 16 Bit modes whilst in Long Exposure mode. (Longer image output time expected vs Short Exposure Mode)


DLL v2023.03.03.1262

  • Fixed a crash when trying to run on linux or mac under a user that does not have the HOME enviroment variable defined.
  • Changed the way that the offset works in 16 bit mode and whilst binning on the ChemiMOS. The offset value will now be the total offset applied per pixel you retrieve.


DLL v2023.02.23.1242

  • Exposure Speed “Auto” added for the ChemiMOS. This mode switches between “PowerSave” & “Normal” exposure modes depending on the exposure length chosen.
  • Fixed issue with line appearing in some older cameras (4-series)
  • Fixed issue with Apx series cameras getting into a state where they would continually return blank images (all pixels 0) until they were fully power cycled.


DLL v2022.07.13.1003

  • Linux bug fix
    • Fixed issue with iterating through connected udev devices.


DLL v2022.07.06.999

  • Apx Series
    • Updated the Apx26/60’s cooling algorithm so that it sits tighter on the setpoint
  • TE-77
    • Fixed bug that allowed the exposure speed to be set outside of the 3 available modes causing undefined behaviour.
  • Debug Output
    • Our debug output has now been updated to be cross platform and the location changed to the current users app data folder. The debug files will now be output in:
      • %LOCALAPPDATA%/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for Windows
      • ~/.config/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for linux
      • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for macOS


DLL v2022.05.04.976

  • First release containing Apx60 production ready software.


DLL v2021.11.02.862

  • Fixed issue where our CMOS cameras (ACIS/Horizon/Apx) would always report PowerSave as their exposure speed.


DLL v2021.10.22.847

  • Fixed error with “ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedCalculcationComplete” renamed “ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedCalculationComplete”
  • Updated the C++ example to include the latest revision of AtikCameras.h & AtikCameras.cpp


DLL v2021.10.18.840

  • Added 4 new functions to the API:
    • ArtemisHotPixelAutoRemoval
    • ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedRemoval
    • ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedStartCalculateHotPixels
    • ArtemisHotPixelAdvancedCalculcationComplete
  • Mac build no longer statically links to libusb
  • First stable build containing Apx60 Code
    • Setting the camera’s exposure speed to ‘Fast’ for the moment sets the camera speed internally to ‘Normal’ while a bug is being fixed.
  • Updated documentation. Now using Doxygen.
  • Fixed an issue where the dll would crash on exit (mostly occurred if a camera was imaging)
  • The C#/.NET example has been updated to incorporate calls to the updated HotPixelRemoval


DLL V2020.10.19.677

  • Fixed issue with binning causing distorted images on the ACIS/Horizon.
  • Fixed issue with ACIS/HorizonII being left in Normal or Fast Mode when shutdown causing the camera to return blank images on re-connect.


DLL V2020.09.21.673

  • Created a temporary fix for the Horizon & Horizon II displaying a broken(mosaic) image on Windows 7 & 10. This issue had been seen on Linux/macOS/Raspberry Pi previously.


DLL V2020.09.14.670

  • Fix for Horizon/ACIS showing a mosaic like pattern