3D Printed Materials

This solution initially occurred to the Atik team as we encountered a customer that needed a camera to reliably work outside in extreme conditions.

In order to mitigate the risk of a high failure rate, our R&D team utilised a 3D printed filter holder to prevent the main culprits of camera damage in such conditions which are dust and moisture.

The lightweight filter holder snaps on to the camera with no fitments needed, while the filter material itself is held in place using a clip lid and therefore allowing for an easy filter change.

The filter was intentionally designed to a size that would not impede the airflow and multiple cameras were tested in high temperature conditions to ensure that the cooling delta performance was maintained.

Our belief in providing customers with exactly what they need is exemplified by this customisation. We don’t just remove or modify parts but can also add them to provide you with the optimum imaging solution.