Astrophotography Hub

As Europe’s leading specialist manufacturer of cooled CCD cameras for use in astrophotography, we are as enthralled as our customers by the wonder of the night skies – a passion that is as vital to our success as our technological expertise.

For over 15 years we have been designing cameras for the demanding application of astrophotography. When your target is light years away and photons are only reaching your telescope at rates of 1 or 2 a second you need a specialised camera to image these faint details and provide data for a spectacular image. We aim to produce the lowest read noise cameras available to amateur astronomers, which in turn return the highest quality data for processing. By using efficient cooling systems exposures can be many minutes or even hours long. However, even with cutting edge technology, we ensure that our cameras are easy to use. Every Atik cameras comes with the same comprehensive package of software enabling you to take and process images without needing to purchase expensive 3rd party programs. However should you choose to, Atik cameras are compatible with all the leading Astronomy software including Maxim DL, The Sky X, Astro Art, Nebulosity, Prism and many others through the ASCOM drivers.

Astrophotography is a fantastic hobby encouraging understanding and appreciation of the universe around us.

There are many ways in which to specialise; Deep-sky imaging of galaxies and nebular is very popular as is choosing to image planets and asteroids. A little further from the mainstream we have spectroscopy of stars and photometer. This reveals the nature of astronomical objects, be it their distance and speed, what they are made of, or in the case of super novas, how big a bang they just made!   Astrophotography can provide technical challenges, but also the great reward that comes from producing and sharing beautiful photographs and amazing data. Please take the time to read some of the articles on our website where we and Atik customers share their results.

We hope you enjoy browsing our Astrophotography section and that we can help you on your way to capturing exceptional images of distant stars and planets