Company Profile

Atik Camera’s mission is to provide professionals and enthusiasts with the perfect imaging solution.

Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa launched the business over fifteen years ago following their own frustrating search for astronomical imaging equipment. The type of camera they wanted was simply not available in a realistic price range – so they set out to design it themselves.

From small beginnings, our company has grown rapidly. Utilising our extensive expertise in low-light, stare mode imaging, we work with world leading organisations to bring our low-read noise OEM imaging solutions to life science and industrial applications. Additionally, Atik’s astrophotography cameras are now sold across Europe, USA and Canada, as well as Australia, Japan and Malaysia.

We have continuously developed and refined a range of robust and reliable equipment to deliver superior performance in an extremely specialised and demanding field.

Our cameras enable enthusiasts and professionals to achieve greater sensitivity and longer exposure times – resulting in better image quality.

Atik has also developed highly-acclaimed software that is included with our cameras. This software is compatible with all cameras in the Atik range, making it easy to upgrade. Regular software updates mean that you can enjoy new features and functions as our technology evolves.

Atik is based in the city of Norwich, in England, where we design and develop our cameras and support our customers; and production takes place at our ISO 9001 accredited facilities in Lisbon, Portugal.

We continue to work closely with our customers to develop durable, user friendly products that remain consistent and reliable for years to come.

Key Personnel

Steve Chambers

Chief Executive

Steve spent 20 years as a research biochemist, specifically working in the fields of protein structure and immunology. Highlights included publications on sensitisation mechanism for peanut allergy and successful grant applications including one looking at the effects of probiotics on seasonal pollen allergies. Away from the lab Steve engaged in a number of hobbies including electronics and astronomy. All of these interests came together with the founding of Atik Cameras to supply high performance, yet affordable cameras to life science and amateur astronomers.

Rui Tripa

Production Manager

Rui oversees the manufacture of Atik’s cameras in Portugal. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of astronomy, with a background in IT and astronomical retail, as well as making large refractor telescopes. He is now highly experienced in the production of imaging solutions for the life science and engineering markets.

Jason Evans

Sales & Marketing Director

Jason began his time at Atik Cameras in 2019 and heads up all Sales & Marketing activities across the business, helping to ensure that we provide the best possible service and support to our new and existing customers around the world. Having worked across a variety of domestic and international markets throughout his career, Jason has been fortunate enough to travel widely and gain first-hand experience of the individual requirements and considerations needed when working with a global audience.

Tom Clarke

Research & Development Engineer

Since joining Atik Cameras in 2016, Tom has been instrumental in the design and development of our cameras and software. Tom has an extensive background in mathematics and software development having trained as a Software and Electronics Engineer.

Vince Bygrave

Product Support

Vince comes with over 15 years’ experience in the field of astrophotography. He has been with Atik from the outset, providing customers with advice and technical support. As an integral member of our R&D team, Vince uses his extensive knowledge to feed into product development.

Andrew Kirby

Technical Support

Andrew joined Atik Cameras in 2014 and is responsible for supporting customers with their technical queries and servicing cameras. If you need advice on how to get the best out of your camera, or if it needs some care and attention, he is the person to contact. Andrew is a Physicist with a background of nearly three decades in scientific research, particularly using various types of high-resolution microscopy.

Amy Barton

Marketing Manager

Amy joined Atik Cameras in 2018 and takes care of the Atik brand. With a history in technical support, she has a passion for customer experience. Amy has a substantial background in graphic design and looks after everything from informative videos and product photography to the buttons on Atik’s intuitive software packages.