Gel Documentation

Gel documentation systems are crucial for the accurate analysis of DNA. It is therefore imperative that these systems contain advanced imaging components.

Atik Cameras is a reliable provider of such components having been integrated into thousands of Gel Doc imaging systems around the world.

Our clients are a combination of leading global brands. Alongside smaller, highly specialised companies serving local markets. All have benefited from the low read noise performance of our products. Allowing high-quality images to be produced over the longest exposure times.

When purchasing from Atik, our clients know that they are receiving premium-quality cameras. Manufactured in our ISO 9001 accredited European premises and designed by our highly skilled team in the UK. Our clients also know that they can begin a collaborative journey to their ideal solution with Atik’s in-house R&D team on hand to create a bespoke camera. Or customise an existing camera, to suit the specific requirements needed for an application.

View a gel documentation case study here