Apx60 update

By Amy Barton on

Following last year’s announcement to continue the development of our 61MP CMOS camera, we have an update regarding our Apx60.

We can now confirm that production of the Apx60 is due to start in late summer. This small delay is due to an issue with securing some key component parts for the camera, which are necessary to uphold the essential build quality. The set back has been compounded by a need to provide additional research & development support for PCR instruments, used in the continued fight against COVID-19.

Naturally, we apologise for the hold up on this highly anticipated camera, and hope that you understand the need to maintain the high standard for which Atik Cameras are known.

If you have already placed an order for the Apx60, please contact us for individual updates.

Full price and technical specification details for the Apx60 can be found here

We thank you for your continued support and believe you’ll find the Apx60 is worth the wait.