Atik Field of View Calculator

By Jo on

We are very excited to announce a new and improved version of our Atik Field of View Calculator app for iOS – a great little tool to help you plan your imaging session with an Atik Camera.  You can use it to pair any of our cameras with a huge range of telescopes in order to see the field of view for your selected deep sky object. We’ve linked the app to a new database in order to make all Messier and NGC objects available, along with full transit times for each object. These are based on your location and can be filtered by their current visibility to suit both advanced planning and more impromptu imaging sessions.

As well as helping you plan your sessions, the app is also a really useful way of seeing how our different camera models would pair with your setup, allowing you to check the field of view for any prospective camera purchases. You can also specify the use of a focal reducer.

The app is native to both iPhone and iPad to maximize compatibility across various iOS platforms, and best of all? It’s completely free of charge.

Available to download from the iTunes App Store now.