Atik Infinity Software Update and BETA 3 Drivers

By Jo on

Please Note: BETA testing was successfully complete and the latest drivers and software versions are included as part of our Core Software Download.

We’re now on the BETA 3 release of our drivers, which includes 64-bit drivers for the EFW2 and performance improvements for the internal filter wheel on the Atik One.

We’ve also taken the chance to update the Atik Infinity Software with a number of new features and improvements. You can now type in the image number in replay mode to make it easier to navigate through your session, and we’ve added a Zoom Speed option to give you more control over your viewing. DATE-OBS is also now including in the FITS header for improved file compatibility with other software.

But the most exciting addition is that you can now broadcast directly to Video Astronomy Live right from within the Infinity software.


Download Latest Core Software


PLEASE NOTE: These drivers are not compatible with Atik 16-series cameras – please do not install if using one of these cameras. Installation Instructions for all other cameras are included below.

As always, if you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch by emailing, leave a comment below, or discuss things over on our forum.

Video Astronomy Live

Video Astronomy Live is a free broadcasting website set up by amateur astronomers with a love for sharing their live views. The website is open to all levels of experience, but has a strong emphasis on helping beginners get the most out of video astronomy.

Each channel is personalised and the website has it’s own onsite forum, which can be used to notify subscribers when a channel is live or planning to go live, as well as for more general video astronomy chat. This, along with some other tools like your own page share button, all help to ensure you will always have viewers during your live show, and never miss a broadcast from channels that you follow.    

If you would like a channel with VAL then simply send them a message via the contact page on their website.  VAL will then get in touch and explain all you need to know to get you up and running.  Once your channel is set up, VAL will then send a you a stream name. All you need to do is enter this into your Infinity Software, click connect and you’re live!  Simple, but effective –  so on behalf of the team at Atik, and at Video Astronomy Live, we hope you enjoy this new platform.

YouTube Broadcasting

There are also some improvements to our YouTube broadcasting options, the best of these being that you can now see and respond to YouTube chat directly inside the Infinity software. This removes the need to keep switching between Infinity and your YouTube stream to chat with your viewers. There are also some improvements to the menu system that make it easier than ever to connect and monitor your videos.

Installation Instructions

  • You must unplug the camera before installing the new version
  • You must install the ‘Drivers’ for the new version to work
  • If using Infinity, you must reinstall with this new version
  • You must reinstall ‘AscomInternalWheel’ if using an AtikOne filter wheel with ASCOM


Reverting back to the original software:

If you want to revert back to the previous version, you must download the latest (non-BETA) core software download.

  • It is best to use the uninstaller to uninstall the BETA version first
  • You must install the drivers when reverting back
  • You must keep the camera plugged in whilst installing the previous version
  • If you are using Infinity, you will need to reinstall that
  • You must reinstall ‘AscomInternalWheel’ if using an AtikOne filter wheel with ASCOM (I.e. MaxIm and SPG)



1)      Camera not connecting when reverting to old version:

The most likely reason for this is that windows is holding onto the new drivers. To correct this situation, open up device manager and then find your camera in the list (It is usually in ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’, but might be in ‘Universal Serial Bus devices’ or ‘libusb (WinUSB) devices’). When you click on you camera, a button will appear in the top bar with a red ‘x’ on it. (If you hover over it, it will say ‘uninstal’. Click that button, then tick the ‘Delete the driver software for this device’ checkbox. Then press OK. This will delete the new driver. Then, if you unplug and reconnect the camera, the camera will find the correct driver).


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