Meet the first Atik CMOS Camera Prototype

By Jo on

Between CEDIC and the NEAIC and NEAF shows earlier this year, this isn’t our best kept secret. But it’s now official – we’ve been working with a 16MP CMOS sensor, and we thought it about high time that we introduce you to our prototype development model.

We’re taking the well-known Atik approach of designing the camera from the ground up specifically for astrophotography. It’s going to have features like a frame buffer and improved cooling in a body based on our tried and tested 4-series design. We’re integrating camera control into our renowned Capture software, along with the introduction of variable gain control exclusively for CMOS.

You might be wondering how a CMOS astrophotography camera is going to vary from the CCD cameras in our range. We’re putting together some information on the technical differences between the two sensor technologies, and also what it means for your astrophotography in practical terms, so keep an eye out for those over the coming weeks.

However, we will say now that what we love about this CMOS sensor is the real estate and resolution. We’ll also hold up our hands and say that CCDs are still the optimum technology for long exposure astrophotography. However, with 3.8µm pixels, this camera’s going to be a great match for shorter focal lengths and short exposure imaging.

Additionally, if you’re looking to upgrade from DSLR while keeping a high resolution, or looking for the best value pixel per pound, this should be a very welcome addition to our range.  We’re packing it all with our signature Atik design and lifetime customer support from our offices here in the UK.

As you can see, we’re still in the prototyping stage, and we’ll be keeping you updated on the project as it moves through its development. If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear what you think.

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