Infinity Software Demonstration

By Jo on

With the Atik Infinity now up and running with its own product page and a full set of specifications, we thought you might like to see the new software working in a little more detail.

Using a previously recorded session with the colour model of the Infinity, Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa make use of our interactive replay function to explore some of the key features of the new software. As well demonstrating how live stacking removes the background noise, they show how the new image rejection feature works to maintain the quality of the stack. They also explore some of the other monitoring tools such as a live image quality graph and full width at half maximum measurements (FWHM). With different types of object requiring hugely different histogram patterns, they also have a play with the auto-stretch presets that help you get the most out of a variety of objects, from faint galaxies to globular clusters.

The Infinity is busy making appearances across our dealer’s websites, with the first cameras due to ship in late September.



What do you think of the software so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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