QSI is now part of the same group as Atik

By Steve Chambers on

I am very pleased to report that the purchase of the QSI brand completed on Thursday 1st of February.

At Atik, we have a sincere respect and admiration for the QSI camera designs and the people behind them. After the incredibly sad news that the QSI joint founder Neal Barry passed away in 2017, QSI’s board of directors decided to restructure the company. QSI have long been both a market leader in Astro-imaging, and an important part of the astronomical community. By purchasing QSI, we can provide a bright future for this much-loved brand.

This is obviously still very early days, but the plan is to continue the production of the QSI cameras and, looking further ahead, develop new models in the range. We feel QSI addresses the market for extremely high quality cameras made without compromise. Indeed, over the last few weeks while learning the details of the camera designs, I fully came to understand that nothing has been spared in the pursuit of that quality. In the past, when astronomers have wanted the best cameras, they have gone to QSI. We are committed to taking on these values and continuing the production of these cameras to the standard expected of QSI.

QSI isn’t just about the cameras, but also the owners and employees whose drive and vision over the last 12 years has been inspirational. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Mike and Irene Barry, Dave Challis and Kevin Nelson. These people have gone far beyond our expectations to enable a smooth transfer of knowledge. It’s been a real pleasure to work with them.

We have plans to restart manufacture in March/April, initially, by utilising unused space in the existing Atik production facility in which to install the required assembly equipment.   Please bear with us while we work through the fine details including recruiting and training new staff to continue the procedures specific to QSI.

We have been very grateful for the goodwill received from the QSI community and we look forward to a long and bright future for QSI.

Steve Chambers