Update to Field of View App

By Jo on

We’ve updated our iOS Field of View Calculator App to include our Atik Horizon CMOS camera and our large format Atik 16200 CCD. This gives you a quick and easy way to check what field of view you can expect with these, or any of our cameras, with a given telescope. If you’ve already downloaded the app, it should have updated automatically.

While the app is only available for iOS devices, there are lots of excellent field of view calculators available online. There’s one from 12 Dimensional String that’s also used by BBC Sky at Night, while over at Astronomy Tools, there are also calculators to work out CCD suitability, and filter sizes in addition to the field of view. These are all excellent tools, both when choosing a new camera, and when planning your imaging sessions.

What else to look for in a camera?

The advent of affordable, generously sized CMOS chips makes large fields of view much more accessible to a wider audience. This is excellent news for wide field astrophotographers and those looking to create large scale images of the night sky. But while field of view is important, it’s only one of the considerations when buying a new astrophotography camera. Other factors such as image scale and technical specifications are also incredibly important. Our Choosing a Camera video gives a brief overview of what to look out for.

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