Astrophotography Cameras

We’ve been leading designers and manufacturers of astrophotography cameras for over a decade. Browse our range of cameras, lens’ and accessories today.

Over a decade of experience manufacturing the most efficient astrophoto camera and lens

For over 15 years we have been designing and manufacturing cameras and accessories  for astrophotography, constantly working to give our customers the best image resolution and technology we can. When your target is light years away and photons are only reaching your telescope at rates of 1 or 2 a second you need the astrophoto camera you can find.

Our success as Europe’s leading manufacturer of specialist cooled CCD cameras comes primarily from our passion for telescope photography. We pride ourselves in creating the best astrophotography cameras we can, as manufacturers and customers ourselves. Our technical expertise is only matched by our fascination with the night sky.

We look to produce the lowest read noise CMOS or CCD camera astronomy enthusiasts can find, providing the highest quality data for processing. With the implementation of efficient cooling systems, our cameras can provide exposure times minutes or even hours long. We pride ourselves in providing the most up to date technology whilst also allowing every user’s experience to be straightforward and every camera to be easy to use. Every Deep-sky imaging and astrophoto camera from Atik is delivered with the same comprehensive package of software, allowing you to take and process images without the need for any 3rd party processing programs at a further cost to the user. That being said, Atik cameras are compatible with all the leading Astronomy software including Maxim DL, The Sky X, Astro Art, Nebulosity, Prism and many others through the ASCOM drivers.

See and fully appreciate the enormity and beauty of the universe around us.

Once you gain a passion for astrophotography, you will find that there are many ways in which to specialise; Deep-sky imaging will allow you to take beautiful images of galaxies and nebular as well as choosing to image planets or asteroids. A little further from the mainstream but no less striking, we have spectroscopy of stars and photometry. This may be able to show you the gaseous make up of astronomical objects, as well as their distance and speed, or in the case of supernovas, even the amount of energy that they just expelled!

Atik’s range of cameras for astrophotography can provide the great reward that comes from taking and then sharing awe inspiring images and gleaning information that once would only have been accessible at an observatory from the comfort of your own home.

We hope you enjoy browsing our astrophotography accessories and cameras and that we can help you on your way to becoming more acquainted with the night sky.