Neutron Imaging

Atik Cameras has ample experience supplying OEM Imaging Solutions to many companies for neutron imaging, providing flexible, bespoke designs efficiently.

Our neutron solutions are optimised for both resolution and sensitivity.

Neutron imaging has highly varied industrial and scientific applications and significance. Providing detailed information on the inner structure and composition of objects. Due to the weakness of the typical directional neutron beam, neutron solutions require very sensitive cameras and long exposures.

Our camera series such as the Apx60, or ACIS series would be perfect for the sensitive work of neutron tomography. A similar series may be adapted for use in x-ray imaging simply by replacing the scintillator and window material.

Our products have been found particularly useful for the testing of large mechanical parts in airplane component safety checks. Avoiding structural damage whilst obtaining useful data on component degradation.

Whatever your need, you can find adaptable products built in-house in our ISO 9001-accredited European premises. With full design support from our expert team in the UK. Get a quote today.