Obviously, we’re proud of the cameras we make, but what do other people think? Take a look below.

“I am very happy with my new camera and my narrowband images . The camera is S U P E R !!!! I decided to sell my other camera and get one more ATIK 383L+ for my dual setup.”

George Kylafis, Atik 383L+

“Thank you very much for helping me. I am extremly grateful to you. Sincerely, you are an excellent techical support. In fact, I have highly recommend Atik CCD to my partners. Thank you very much, indeed.”

– Rafael, Atik 414EX


“I have been working with my Atik One 9.0 for a few months now when able. I would like to say I am highly satisfied with the product and getting some really good pictures. As my technique and abilities improve, I can’t wait to exploit this great camera’s potential even more. Thanks for quality product.”

– Charles, Atik One 9.0


“After being involved in video astronomy for the past 9 years, I am truly thrilled with my new Atik Infinity video camera(s). I first bought the color Infinity and liked it so much that I decided to purchase a 2nd mono Infinity camera. These cameras are fun, provide excellent results and most of all very easy to use.

I was treated very well by the Atik team and the support was excellent. I would highly recommend these cameras for near real-time observing.”

– Chris Appleton, Atik Infinity monochrome and colour. You can see more of Chris’ great images over on our forum.

“It was an amazing night out (though short and started with clouds), but the camera and software worked amazingly well!  WOW!  What a leap forward for video astronomy!”

– Dave Hudson, Atik Infinity colour. See videos of Dave’s first light here.


“So here is my first CCD image which is 19×10 in HA no calibration frames…WOW I couldn’t be any more pleased. Can you pass on my thanks to Steve for guiding me to this camera option, I’m sure I’d have been just as happy last night with a 460 but I can already see the advantage of an electric wheel.”

– David Trelfer, Atik One 6.0. David went on to add some OIII data to this image and it was then featured in the Hotshots section of May’s BBC Sky at Night Magazine – congratulations, David!

“The customer called me this morning…he raved about the low noise the camera was putting out and thought he wasn’t running those tests correctly because the noise was so low.”

– Jason Farmer, OPT


“The data obtained with the camera during the eclipse were excellent”

– Dr. Shadia Habbal, Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii (Atik 414ex)


“I just wanted to congratulate you for your fantastic service! It’s a value today!! Keep in touch!”

David Fernández Aguirre, Telescopio Mania


“The results are frankly stunning in regards to the ability of this camera to perform as a linear measurement tool: The linearity is within 0.01% of the linear regression up to over 99.5% of its range and the overall r squared approaches 1. … an excellent tool to partner with a small telescope (ie matching the small pixels) as a scientific tool for photometry and by extension more esoteric pursuits such as galaxy morphology analysis and the like.

I’m really suprised by this data but I think Atik should feel very pleased with themselves.”

– Mark Brickley, after testing the Atik 460EX. You can read his full report here.


“Thank you very much, your advice is great.”

– Glen Adao, Atik 4000


“I’m loving the camera – it’s absolutely amazing! The TEC cooler is blowing me away! No more imaging at +31C!”

– Goofi, on moving from DSLR to the Atik One Kit. Check out his images on Astrobin


“Thank you for your exemplary service. Just to let you know, today I have ordered another Atik camera: a 460EXC to use with my C11/Hyperstar rig.”

– Doug Zielke, Atik 450 – and now also Atik 460EX!


“The staff, products and customer service at Atik are exceptional. I have both an Infinity and a 460EX, and the quality of these cameras is very good, producing fantastic images. The Infinity software is a pleasure to use, producing exceptional results.

Any issues, if they do arise, are dealt with quickly and efficiently, with great customer support and communication. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon from this company.”

– Alex Lanterna, Atik Infinity and Atik 460EX


And what do the reviews say?

“…a camera with a good dynamic range, impressive sensitivity across a number of wavelengths, high quantum efficiency and very low noise. In other words, it’s capable of taking rich, deep images across all of the colours of the visible spectrum and for a short range beyond.”

BBC Sky at Night Magazine, Atik 428EX review, August 2012 #87


“Atik Cameras, based out of Norwich, England, has cultivated a reputation for producing a wide range of high-quality CCD cameras for any experience level and at affordable prices.”

Sky and Telescope magazine, Atik One 6.0 Kit review, May 2015


“Although the 490EX’s pixels are quite small at just 3.69×3.69 µm, combining it with a short focal length scope results in a wide field of view with high resolution because of the high pixel count. Such a combination would make for an excellent portable imaging package.”

BBC Sky at Night Magazine, Atik 490EX review, February 2014 #105


“The off-axis guider uses a large knurled wheel that allows quick and precise focusing of the guide camera without rotating the GP camera, a well-thought-out feature for off-axis guiders.”

Sky and Telescope magazine, Atik One 6.0 Kit review, May 2015


“The Atik One 6.0 performed faultlessly during the review period, producing low noise images and capturing plenty of detail.”

BBC Sky at Night magazine, Atik One 6.0 review, February 2015 #117