Advanced CMOS Imaging Systems

Specially designed to precisely match the high demands required for scientific imaging, the Advanced CMOS Imaging Systems (ACIS) series is Atik’s fastest camera yet with full frame speeds of up to 30 fps. With different models for different needs – the ACIS series comes in 2.4, 7.1, and 12.3 megapixel editions – this camera range is quick, versatile and provides the traditional high performance that is a result of Atik’s flexible design philosophy.

Customise the ACIS  for your requirements

The Advanced CMOS Imaging Systems (ACIS) series, featuring the ACIS 7.1, ACIS 12.3 and ACIS 2.4,¬† can be customised for your scientific imaging needs thanks to Atik’s flexible design philosophy, which has served our worldwide OEM customer base for more than a decade, recognises the need for cameras to be tailored to highly specific requirements and applications and we welcome the opportunity to modify the software, design and specifications of a camera in order to suit your requirements.

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