• 26MP back illuminated CMOS sensor
  • Zero amp glow
  • True 16 bit digitiser


The Apx26 utilises the Sony IMX 571 APS-C sensor, combining versatility with wide field views. This 26.11-megapixel sensor has low read noise, high quantum efficiency, and 16-bit analogue to digital conversion, perfect for a wide range of applications and telescopes.

The advanced Sony sensors used in our Apx series are well known for their ‘no glow’ quality with outstanding detail. The Apx26 also seamlessly integrates with Atik’s advanced software solutions. The camera has a 512MB memory buffer to prevent image artefacts and dropped frames. Furthermore, the Apx26 comes with a built-in USB hub, high performance cooling, anti-condensation and anti-reflection optics, as well as easy chip adjustment. Completed with Atik’s exceptional premium electronics and build quality to deliver incredible images for both scientific OEM applications and astrophotography.

Specifications Download Datasheet

Image Sensor Sony IMX571 CMOS sensor
Resolution 6244 x 4168
Pixel Pitch 3.76 μm
Sensor Size 28.3mm diagonal
(23.5mm x 15.7mm)
Full Well 51,000 e-
Read Noise 1.7 e- (typical)
Dark Current Noise
at camera set point
0.0008 e-/p/s
Set Point Cooling
at ambient of 20oC
Frame Rate ~4FPS (Full Frame image)
Mount Type M54 x 0.75
ADC 16 bit
Backfocus Distance 17mm ±0.5; without levelling plate = 9.5mm ±0.5
Reading Mode Rolling shutter
Exposure Range 1 ms - 24 hours
System Requirements Windows 10
USB 3.0
8GB Ram
64 bit Operating System

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