Neutron & X-ray

Due to the weakness of the neutron source, neutron imaging requires very sensitive cameras and long exposures.

Atik’s cameras have been proven to be among the most sensitive available and the Peltier cooling that is featured in our cameras enables the CCD to operate at the lowest performance noise.

Similar cameras can be used for x-ray imaging simply by replacing the scintillator and window material, but neutron imaging is much more sensitive to organic materials than x-ray imaging.

Neutron scintillators such as LiF/ZnS are thin films that convert the neutrons into x-rays and charged particles, that are then converted to light by the ZnS component. For further information, contact NeutronOptics Grenoble.

The below image shows a leaf detail with Neutron Imaging and a Neutron Camera featuring an Atik 314L+.


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