Narrow band filter set receives 5 star review

By Lewis Brown on

Our narrow band filter set has recently been reviewed by the BBC Sky at Night Magazine and received a superb 5 star rating.

Pacman nebula - Tim jardine

Credit: Tim Jardine’s image of the Pacman nebula was taken using Atik’s narrrow band filters

The filter set impressed the reviewer, Tim Jardine, who commented:

“Each filter demonstrated comparable or smoother results than our usual filter brand, and we moved on to taking photographs, choosing an emission nebula that offers a decent response to all three wavelengths, namely the Pacman nebula, NGC 281.

Taking 15-minute exposures through each filter gave a pleasing result, with good responses to each emission type in turn, and demonstrated that the Atik narrow-band filter set works well together to produce high quality Hubble style images.”

Narrow band filter offer

The filters have a special offer in which you can receive 50% off of the price of the set when you buy any Atik mono camera with the exception of the Atik GP.

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