Narrow band Filter Set


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The Atik narrow band filter are designed with a band pass of 7 nm to aid in capturing all a nebula’s photons while the vast majority of the broad band light pollution is stopped. The result is a much higher signal to noise, revealing faint details in nebulas. The Narrow band filter set comprises of Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha), Sulphur (SII) and Oxygen (OIII).

This filter set received a 5 star rating in the BBC Sky at Night Magazine


50% OFF when purchased with any Atik mono camera
(with the exception of the Atik GP)
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1.25″ 36mm 2″
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The SHO narrow band filter set is compatible with our filter wheels and allows astrophotographers to capture deep-sky objects in spectacular narrow band. This filter set is commonly used to image objects in the Hubble pallet.

  • SII 7nm

  • Ha 7nm

  • OIII 7nm

Peak Transmission: minimum 80%

CWL (centre of wavelength):

  • Ha 656.3nm

  • SII 671.6nm

  • OIII 500.7nm

Size: 1.25” mounted, 36mm unmounted or 2” mounted

Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4

Parallelism(arcsec): 30s

Technical Specification

Filter Peak Transmission Half Width Transmission in Band Transmission out of Band
Hydrogen Alpha 656.3nm 7nm >80% Maximum<0.3% Average 0.1%
Oxygen III 500.7nm 7nm >80% Maximum<0.3% Average 0.1%
Sulphur II 671.6nm 7nm >80% Maximum<0.3% Average 0.1%


What's in the box?

Three Narrowband Filters

  • Sulphur - SII 7nm
  • Hydrogen-Alpha - Ha 7nm
  • Oxygen - OIII 7nm