Save with the Atik 383L+ Bundle

Amy Barton By Amy Barton on

Until the end of July, we’ll be offering exceptional savings on the Atik 383L+ bundled with an Atik EFW2.2 filter wheel and an Atik OAG. Here’s what you could save:

The bundle Usual RRP if bought separately
(excl. tax)
New RRP (excl. tax) Saving
The Atik 383L+
The EFW2.2 filter wheel
The Atik OAG
€2439.00 €2073.00 €366.00

(for US pricing, either contact your local dealer, or get in touch with us through our contact page)

The Atik 383L+ is one of our flagship cameras and for good reason. With a large amount of good sized pixels, this camera will lend itself to detailed widefield imaging at a very affordable price. The offer is available directly from us, or any of the Atik dealers.

Head over to the Atik 383L+ product page for full details.

Take a look at what the 383L+ can do (tap the image twice for full resolution)