The Atik Roundup: August 2020

By Lewis Brown on

August was a great month at Atik as we furthered our environmental responsibility and held another successful webinar.

Environmental Responsibility

The solar array at our manufacturing facility in Lisbon was installed at the beginning of August. This solar array will provide enough energy to cover almost half of our power demand at its summer peak. This will boost our uptake of clean energy whilst also taking pressure away from the local energy grid.

We are proud to make this step and help contribute to the growing uptake of renewables and the wider journey towards carbon neutrality.

CCD and CMOS: The Key Comparisons

Our latest webinar was based on the comparisons between CCD and CMOS sensors. This informative discussion was led by Atik’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jason Evans, and was based on the white paper produced by Andrew Kirby.

The white paper is available to download by visiting our white paper page.

Spotlight on the VS

We also took a closer look at the VS Series in August, and focused on its suitability for cosmetic flaw testing.

One of the most important areas of testing for flat panel displays, cosmetic flaw testing requires a camera with a large bit depth and a wide number of grey levels, characteristics that the VS Series displays perfectly.

Read more about the VS Series here.