CMOS Sensor

Our CMOS sensor cameras are quick, versatile and provide the traditional high performance that our customers want, using Atik’s flexible design philosophy. Browse our CMOS camera range.

Our CMOS camera range is our best yet

A CMOS camera (or Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) is often referred to as ‘systems on a chip’. Each pixel is a discrete element hardwired to its own readout circuit. This means there is no true on-chip binning, although it can still be emulated in software to a certain extent.

Our CMOS image sensor products are designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal at our ISO 9001 accredited facility, whilst all of our base level cameras can be supplied as board sets and can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

Whatever your need, you can find easily adaptable products built in house in our ISO 9001 accredited European premises, with full design support from our expert team in the UK. Contact our team to get a quote today.