EFW3 Filter Wheel


The EFW3 7 Position electronic filter wheel for large format cameras can be ordered with the ability to either carry up to 7×50.8mm unmounted or 7×2” mounted round filters, housing LRGB and Ha, OIII and SII filter sets in the same carousel and the wheel is fully compatible with any Atik astrophotography camera when using the supplied M54 or M42 adaptors.


Product code RRP excl. tax
50.8mm filter wheel ATK0160 576€ / $692
2″ filter wheel ATK0161 576€ / $692
50.8mm carousel ATK0186 99€ / $119
2″ carousel ATK0187 99€ / $119


7 Position Electronic Filter Wheel for Large Format Cameras

The EFW3 gives you more freedom and convenience to your imaging set up.

For a large format wheel, the EFW3 boasts a slim, lightweight design. It measures 238×213mm dimensions and weighs in at just approx. 850g. This is great news for large format set ups where weight can be a real concern. That said, the wheel is fully compatible with any Atik camera when using the supplied M54 or M42 adaptors. We’ve simplified the technical side of the design from the EFW2 to further improve reliability and minimise component wear and tear. However, it's still machined from solid aluminium to produce a durable and quality wheel that will keep turning, night after night.

Atik 16200 users will also be pleased to know that the EFW3 can either be attached directly to the camera as it is, or after removing the front plate to further minimise any backfocus requirements. With the front plate attached, the backfocus is 41.5mm, while the backfocus with the front plate removed is just 34.5mm.

On the software side of things, the EFW3 has a full ASCOM driver, so any complaint software can be used to control it. Additionally the EFW3 can be controlled using our Artemis Capture software, for simple and efficient operation

Technical Specification

  • 7 Position filter wheel
  • 7×50.8mm unmounted filters
  • 7×2” mounted round filters
  • Dimensions 238×213mm
  • Weight 850g

What's in the box?

  • EFW3 body with your choice of filter disk (either 7x2” or 7x50.8mm)
  • 2" adapter 
  • Hex key kit
  • Screws, plastic washers (only with 50.8)
  • 3-metre USB cable
  • 1.8-metre battery power connector
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual (PDF)
  • Quickstart guide (paper)