SDK Beta Changelog

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DLL v2024.02.27.1695

  • Added ChemiMOS FW
  • Fixed exposure setting on 32bit builds
  • Added new cameras (COSMOS 60)
  • Fixed issue with sending a continual pulse to the trigger in whilst using the trigger
  • Fixed bug with sub framing on ACIS cameras
  • Increased stability across all USB3 cameras


  • Fixed Windows resources being left open when the DLL was unloaded. Users will need to call ArtemisShutdown before any unload of the DLL as thread synchronization needs to take place to free certain resources.


DLL v2023.04.03.1342

  • Fixed stopwatch implementation for linux/macOS.


DLL v2022.11.08.1069

  • Updated ChemiMOS firmware


DLL v2022.11.07.1062

  • Added ChemiMOS.
  • Apx26 TriggerIn fixed


DLL v2022.10.21.1036

  • Fixed Atik One filter issue whilst using ASCOM where the previous filter position would be shown.


DLL v2022.10.06.1028

  • TE-47 fixed intermittent issue with long exposures


DLL v2022.10.03.1026

  • TE-47 trigger fixed


DLL v2022.08.16.1010

  • Apx60 TriggerIn fixed.


DLL v2022.07.14.1005

  • First relase containing firmware for the TE-47.


DLL v2022.07.04.998

  • Linux bug fix
    • Fixed issue with iterating through connected udev devices.


DLL v2022.06.30.995

  • Apx Series
    • Updated the Apx26/60’s cooling algorithm so that it sits tighter on the setpoint


DLL v2022.06.23.994

  • TE-77
    • Fixed bug that allowed the exposure speed to be set outside of the 3 available modes causing undefined behaviour.
  • Debug Output
    • Our debug output has now been updated to be cross platform and the location changed to the current users app data folder. The debug files will now be output in:
      • %LOCALAPPDATA%/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for Windows
      • ~/.config/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for linux
      • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for macOS


DLL v2022.03.23.955

  • Apx60
    • Custom gain range changed from 0-360 to 0-420 to allow for a more linear increase across the range.
    • If you received your Apx before this release users are advised to update their Gain and Offset Presets, please contact us and we can provide a command line program that can update these values for you:
      • Medium Gain -> 70
      • High Gain -> 300
    • Fixed an issue in fast mode returning blank images due to the camera producing images faster than the USB can transfer them.


DLL v2022.02.22.943

  • Apx60
    • Custom gain range changed from 0-36 to 0-360 to allow a larger granularity.
    • Fixed issue with fast exposure mode taking longer than expected to download
  • ACIS
    • Fixed problem causing the ACIS series of cameras to output blank images
  • We now check that the fast mode function pointer has been set and that the exposure speed is set to Fast before allowing the fast mode to be started.


DLL v2022.02.02.924

  • Apx60
    • Fixed an issue with powering the sensor that would cause fractured images.
    • We now limit the CameraSpecificOption Exposure speed correctly to 2.
    • The way we read the presets for the gain and offset has been changed, the Gain/Offset mode will now persist after a power cycle.
  • Fixed a small memory leak.
  • Fixed a possible resource leak in our handling of sockets.


DLL v2022.01.11.906

  • Two new API calls for usage with the Fast Mode callback:
    • ArtemisLastFastModeStartTime
    • ArtemisLastFastModeStartTimeMilliseconds
  •  Apx60
    • Improved reliability related to power down of the sensor between images.


DLL v2021.12.09.897

  • Apx60
    • Fixed issue with the camera getting stuck in PowerSave exposure mode at startup
    • Fixed issue with the camera outputting a blank image moments before a correct image


DLL v2021.12.06.892

  • Apx60
    • Reducded noise induced by cooling
    • Fixed issue with taking exposures over 15 minutes long
  • TE-77
    • Horizontal overscan (15px + image pixels + 1px) is still included, this will be moved to an optional toggle on full release of the camera.


DLL v2021.11.16.880

  • Apx60
    • Fast Mode has been added to the Apx60
    • An issue exists with taking exposures over 15 minutes long.
    • Gain is now on a decibel scale of 0-36 rather than the previous linear range of 0-4030.
  • First release for the TE-77


  • Mac build no longer statically links to libusb


DLL v2021.09.03.804

  • First beta build containing Apx60 Code
    • Setting the camera’s exposure speed to ‘Fast’ for the moment sets the camera speed internally to ‘Normal’ while a bug is being fixed.


  • Added a basic Hot Pixel Removal algorithm (nearest neighbour). Two new functions added.
    • ArtemisAutoHotPixelRemoval
    • ArtemisAdvancedHotPixelRemoval
  • Updated documentation. Now using Doxygen.
  • Fixed an issue where the dll would crash on exit (mostly occurred if a camera was imaging)


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