SDK Beta Changelog

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DLL v2023.04.03.1342

  • Fixed stopwatch implementation for linux/macOS.


DLL v2022.11.08.1069

  • Updated ChemiMOS firmware


DLL v2022.11.07.1062

  • Added ChemiMOS.
  • Apx26 TriggerIn fixed


DLL v2022.10.21.1036

  • Fixed Atik One filter issue whilst using ASCOM where the previous filter position would be shown.


DLL v2022.10.06.1028

  • TE-47 fixed intermittent issue with long exposures


DLL v2022.10.03.1026

  • TE-47 trigger fixed


DLL v2022.08.16.1010

  • Apx60 TriggerIn fixed.


DLL v2022.07.14.1005

  • First relase containing firmware for the TE-47.


DLL v2022.07.04.998

  • Linux bug fix
    • Fixed issue with iterating through connected udev devices.


DLL v2022.06.30.995

  • Apx Series
    • Updated the Apx26/60’s cooling algorithm so that it sits tighter on the setpoint


DLL v2022.06.23.994

  • TE-77
    • Fixed bug that allowed the exposure speed to be set outside of the 3 available modes causing undefined behaviour.
  • Debug Output
    • Our debug output has now been updated to be cross platform and the location changed to the current users app data folder. The debug files will now be output in:
      • %LOCALAPPDATA%/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for Windows
      • ~/.config/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for linux
      • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Atik/AtikCamerasDLL/Debug for macOS


DLL v2022.03.23.955

  • Apx60
    • Custom gain range changed from 0-360 to 0-420 to allow for a more linear increase across the range.
    • If you received your Apx before this release users are advised to update their Gain and Offset Presets, please contact us and we can provide a command line program that can update these values for you:
      • Medium Gain -> 70
      • High Gain -> 300
    • Fixed an issue in fast mode returning blank images due to the camera producing images faster than the USB can transfer them.


DLL v2022.02.22.943

  • Apx60
    • Custom gain range changed from 0-36 to 0-360 to allow a larger granularity.
    • Fixed issue with fast exposure mode taking longer than expected to download
  • ACIS
    • Fixed problem causing the ACIS series of cameras to output blank images
  • We now check that the fast mode function pointer has been set and that the exposure speed is set to Fast before allowing the fast mode to be started.


DLL v2022.02.02.924

  • Apx60
    • Fixed an issue with powering the sensor that would cause fractured images.
    • We now limit the CameraSpecificOption Exposure speed correctly to 2.
    • The way we read the presets for the gain and offset has been changed, the Gain/Offset mode will now persist after a power cycle.
  • Fixed a small memory leak.
  • Fixed a possible resource leak in our handling of sockets.


DLL v2022.01.11.906

  • Two new API calls for usage with the Fast Mode callback:
    • ArtemisLastFastModeStartTime
    • ArtemisLastFastModeStartTimeMilliseconds
  •  Apx60
    • Improved reliability related to power down of the sensor between images.


DLL v2021.12.09.897

  • Apx60
    • Fixed issue with the camera getting stuck in PowerSave exposure mode at startup
    • Fixed issue with the camera outputting a blank image moments before a correct image


DLL v2021.12.06.892

  • Apx60
    • Reducded noise induced by cooling
    • Fixed issue with taking exposures over 15 minutes long
  • TE-77
    • Horizontal overscan (15px + image pixels + 1px) is still included, this will be moved to an optional toggle on full release of the camera.


DLL v2021.11.16.880

  • Apx60
    • Fast Mode has been added to the Apx60
    • An issue exists with taking exposures over 15 minutes long.
    • Gain is now on a decibel scale of 0-36 rather than the previous linear range of 0-4030.
  • First release for the TE-77


  • Mac build no longer statically links to libusb


DLL v2021.09.03.804

  • First beta build containing Apx60 Code
    • Setting the camera’s exposure speed to ‘Fast’ for the moment sets the camera speed internally to ‘Normal’ while a bug is being fixed.


  • Added a basic Hot Pixel Removal algorithm (nearest neighbour). Two new functions added.
    • ArtemisAutoHotPixelRemoval
    • ArtemisAdvancedHotPixelRemoval
  • Updated documentation. Now using Doxygen.
  • Fixed an issue where the dll would crash on exit (mostly occurred if a camera was imaging)


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