The core software installer installs all the software you need to operate an Atik camera using our control program, Capture, or a third-party program, including ASCOM drivers.

Download core software

Core Software

The latest version of the core software was updated on 23rd Sept 2016. This update concludes a successful BETA test of our new drivers that improve performance and cross-platform compatibility.

We’ve updated the Installer:
We’ve made some changes to help improve the installer. Part of these changes involved moving all the programs into the same folder. So, if you can’t find your program in the start menu, it’s because it has moved to ‘Atik Cameras’ instead.
Atik Air Update:
We’ve removed the Atik Air app from the start menu and it will now be found in the Windows Tray. We’ve also improved it so that it now works properly on networks which do not have fixed IP addresses.
Atik 16-Series Cameras:
The latest version of the software is NOW COMPATIBLE with Atik 16-series cameras. See USB 1 Drivers below for more information.
EFW1 Filter Wheels:
The EFW1 Filter Wheel driver has been removed from the installer. You can download the installer separately below.
Alternative Download:
If the main link doesn’t work, you can also download the installer from here:

Core Software

Installation Instructions

If downloading the core software for the first time since this update, you must:

  • Unplug the camera before installing the core software
  • Install the ‘Drivers’ by selecting the Drivers option in the Select Additional Components window
  • If using Infinity, you must reinstall this too
  • Reinstall any ASCOM components you’d like to use

If you have any problems with the new version, please see Troubleshooting at the end of this page.

Atik Air

Atik Air and the Atik Air Guide are available within the Core Software download. You will also need to download the Atik Air Image below.

Download Atik Air Image

Infinity Software

The Atik Infinity software for video astronomy is included in the core software download. Please note that this software is currently only compatible with the Atik Infinity camera.

You can check which version of Infinity you currently have by minimising the program and hovering over the Infinity icon in the task bar. The latest version included in the core software download is Infinity v1.3.

USB 1/ USB 2 Drivers

If you’re still having trouble with an Atik 16-series camera or older models of the filter wheel with this software, downloading and installing the following USB 1 driver should solve the problem:

USB1/USB2 Drivers

EFW1 Filter Wheel

The drivers for the EFW1 Filter Wheel have been removed from the core software installer. You can still download them from here though:

EFW1 Filter Wheel Drivers


Manuals and other instructions are installed by the core software installer and can be found in the ArtemisCCD->Documentation folder.  They can also be downloaded from the individual product pages.

iOS Field of View Calculator App

Atik Cameras is pleased to provide our customers with a nice little app to help planning your imaging session. With it, you can pair any of our cameras with a huge range of telescopes to see your field of view for any given deep sky object, along with full transit times based on your location. And best of all, it’s free! Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Windows SDK

Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Documentation on using the SDK is included as part of the download.

Download Windows SDK


1)      Camera not connecting after installing new version:

The most likely reason for this is that windows is holding onto the old drivers. To check that you have the correct driver, open up device manager and then find your camera in the list (It is usually in ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’, but might be in ‘Universal Serial Bus devices’ or ‘libusb (WinUSB) devices’). Then, ‘right click’ your camera and select ‘properties’. You should see ‘libusb’ listed as the manufacturer. If not, then you have the wrong driver. To correct this, go back to device manager, and ‘left click’ your camera. A button will appear in the top bar with a red ‘x’ on it. If you hover over it, it will say ‘uninstall’. Click that button, then tick the ‘Delete the driver software for this device’ checkbox. Then press OK. This will delete the old driver. Then, if you unplug and reconnect the camera, the camera will find the correct driver.