Core Software Downloads – Windows

The core software installer installs all the software you need to operate an Atik camera using our control programs, or a third-party program, including ASCOM drivers.

Please note, if you are upgrading from it may be best to uninstall before installing the latest version.

Download core software

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Atik’s Current Software Packages

Our current software applications for astrophotograpy users are listed below. Simply click on the icon to visit the respective software page and learn more or download the application.

Dusk Software (1) Atik AirInfinity Software (1)Atik Base Software (1) Capture Software (1)Ascom Software (1)Atik Cameras App


Camera Not Connecting: If the camera does not connect to the software, the most likely cause is that the drivers haven’t updated properly. To fix this, click the start button, then find ‘Artemis CCD’ in the list of ‘all programs’ (Windows 7) or ‘all apps’ (Windows 10). In there should be a ‘Drivers’ option. This will open a folder which contains another folder labelled ‘32bit’ or ‘64bit’ depending on your operating system. In there will be a file called ‘OldDrivers’. Make sure your camera is plugged in! (This is different to when you install the new drivers, where the camera must be disconnected). Double click the ‘OldDrivers’ file. Select ‘Yes’ when prompted. Then follow the ‘Device Driver Installation Wizard’ instructions.