The VS Series and COVID-19 testing

Testing for COVID-19We were proud to use our imaging solutions expertise to provide cameras for qPCR instruments that have been a part of the testing procedure for COVID-19.

With the paramount importance of the challenge, it was vital that we provided a camera that was well suited to the task and we therefore created customised cameras based on our VS Series – the VS255 and the VS825.

The VS255 camera has been equipped with a wealth of features designed to maximise the diagnostic potential of qPCR instruments. Owing to its advanced cooling capabilities, the camera offers optimal sensitivity and image quality through the reduction of dark current. Image quality is further enhanced due to the camera’s binning capabilities combined with its pixel size. Furthermore, the compact case design of the VS255 camera enables unmatched ease of implementation.

The VS825 is a bespoke, modified version of the Infinity camera, featuring integrated cooling capabilities alongside custom firmware and software.


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