Atik VS Range

The Atik VS Range of scientific cooled CCD Cameras has the flexibility to meet the needs of both scientific OEM and the microscopy user. It provides a versatile solution for any low light application which simplifies the designer’s task of integration and has a 5 position integrated filter wheel allowing filters to be loaded without opening the camera.

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VS Range of scientific CCD Cameras

Benefits include 16 Bit digitisation providing 65536 grey levels and 35°C cooling below ambient maintains the lowest dark current and provides the highest quality images under low light conditions.

Featuring Sony CCD sensors, the VS Range offers the fastest digitisation of any Atik camera at 6MPixels per second which makes it ideal for many low light applications requiring multiple images is quick succession. In addition to the standard body, a VS camera may be specified with a 5 position integrated filter wheel featuring a mechanical roller for filter location and ensuring the highest levels of reproducibility image after image. The filter wheel is natively controlled from our software or has an Ascom driver for 3rd party programs. To make filter changing less of a chore the camera comes with a tool to allow filters to be loaded without opening the camera.


Sony Sensor

Diag. mm

Format (Type)

Resolution HxV /Total

Pixel size µm

VS14 ICX-285



1392 x 1040 / 1.4M


VS20 ICX-274



1620 x 1220 / 2M


VS28 ICX-674



1932 x 1452 / 2.8M


VS50 ICX-655



2448 x 2050 / 5M


VS60 ICX-694



2750 x 2200 / 6M


VS92 ICX-814



3450 x 2704 / 9.2M



Technical Specification

Common features for all models:

  • Image acquisition speed 6MPixels/s
  • Regulated cooling delta T(amb)-35°C
  • Total system noise 6e typical
  • Weight 800g (950g with optional integrated filter wheel)
  • Back focus 13mm

System Requirements

  • Pentium IV PC with 512MB RAM
  • Windows 10/Win8
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB 2.0 port

What's in the box?

Each VS camera is supplied with a USB 2.0 cable. Our free imaging software and comprehensive SDK can be downloaded here.

VS Range Optional Accessories

M42 lens mount plus detachable C-Mount adaptor
(in place of standard C-Mount fixture)

Universal 12V power supply

Order VSXX -Y -Z
XX: Model Number
Y: M = Monochrome, C = Colour
Z: S = Standard, F = Integrated filter wheel


VS Brochure


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