Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy with the VS Range

A simple upgrade for fluorescence imaging is to replace the standard camera bundled with many microscopes with a cooled CCD camera such as those of the VS range. The images shown below clearly show the high sensitivity of the ICX285 sensor for the same exposure setting of 300ms.

The image is of HT29 MTX, a goblet cell clone derived from the human intestinal cell line HT29, a colon tumour cell which after growing to confluency produces numerous mucus buds on the apical surface. The mucus buds were tagged with Rhodamine fluorescently labelled Wheat Germ Agglutinin WGA.  Lesuffleur, T.; Babat, A.; Luccioni, C.; Beaumatin, J.; Clair, M.; Kornowski, A.; Dussaulx, E.; Dutrillaux, B.; Zweibaum, A. J. Cell Biol. 1991, 115, 1409-1418.Composite of two VS14 images fluorescently labelled with FITC and Rhodamine.

Images above from left to right: VS14-M cooled to -10°C, 300ms | 3MPixel Uncooled Microscopy Camera | Composite of two VS14 images fluorescently labelled with FITC and Rhodamine

Images taken at the Quadrum Institute.

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