Apx60 – The Return of our 61MP Camera

Avatar photo By Lewis Brown on


We are delighted to announce that our 61MP camera is back in development!

Maintaining the original vision for the camera, the Apx60 utilises the Sony IMX455 full frame CMOS sensor that is revolutionising amateur astronomy. This sensor is combined with Atik’s premium electronics and build quality to help deliver images of an exceptional standard.

As well as being the latest addition to our growing portfolio of CMOS sensor cameras, the Apx60 is our most advanced CMOS camera to date. The aforementioned IMX455 sensor is perfect for large format, wide field views with outstanding detail and breaks through the boundaries of the traditional expectations of a CMOS camera.

In addition to offering some of the defining features of CCD astrophotography cameras in a CMOS form, the Apx60 also seamlessly integrates with Atik’s advanced software solutions. The Apx60 also comes with a built-in USB hub, high performance cooling, anti-condensation and anti-reflection optics, as well as in situ levelling for easy adjustment.

With production set to begin in early 2021, you can now place your order for this high-spec camera by clicking here or contacting your local dealer.