Atik Cameras Remote Observatory

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Did you know we have our own Observatory? 


Our in-house Astrophotography experts capture these pictures ahead of a clear night sky to perform another set of tests on our latest cameras. We test our APX camera series and many others at the Atik Remote Observatory to allow for real-world user feedback not only for professional astronomy applications but also sky surveillance and new space. This helps us enhance the user journey by gaining insights into customer preferences and experiences. 

Atik APX Camera Series 

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BBC Sky at Night Review

Atik Cameras has a long history of developing cameras for both the professional scientific field and amateur’s. With our companies beginnings in Astrophotography over 20 years ago, we are delighted to see that our cameras are still well regarded within the industry. Atik’s APX 26 Mono is in the spotlight for this review with Tim Jardine stating “Overall, the monochrome Apx26 is a premium-quality, professional astronomy camera and would make a very solid investment in the world of 16-bit CMOS astrophotography”.

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