Atik Cameras – APX Series

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Atik Cameras – APX Series Cameras

The APX series are our most advanced CMOS cameras to date. The APX series boasts up to a stunning 61 megapixel large format sensor, providing 16-bit image depth.
With high full-well depth and low noise, it is possible to bin and take advantage of the large pixels and speeds. These sensors offer up to 65,536 grey levels.
Robust cooling (-35°C) and no amp glow make these cameras ideal for very long exposures.

The APX series will be suitable for a vast amount of demanding applications such as microscopy, spectroscopy, PCB screening, flat panel screening, colourimetry, neutron imaging, luminescence and astrophotography. Additionally, these cameras can be supplied with either a commercial or industrial grade back illuminated sensor, guaranteed for continuous use and an in/out trigger as standard.

Atik APX60


Large format full frame 60 MP sensor

Exceptionally high dynamic range

High quantum efficiency

IMX455 Sensor

No amp glow

APX 60 Product Page

Atik APX26


26MP back illuminated CMOS sensor

Zero amp glow

IMX 571 Sensor

True 16 bit digitiser

APX26 Product Page

APX Series Brochure 

Looking to learn more about our APX Camera series? Click the link below for our brochure for further details:

Atik Cameras – APX Series 2024

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