INDI project supports Atik Titan and Atik 3xx/4xx cameras on Linux and MacOS

Avatar photo By Steve Chambers on

This is taken from the jINDI website.

jINDI is a project of cross platform observatory control software based on INDI protocol. The aim is to build the system which will differ from other available solutions by a number of ways:

  • full featured, but easy to use and as operator fault tolerant as possible (no unnecessary control on the screen you can unwillingly press in the middle of the night),
  • cross platform GUI with transparent access to native device drivers based on local platform standards (e.g. ASCOM on MS Windows or INDI on Unix/Linux/Apple OS X),
  • support for distributed computing based on INDI protocol…

Its an exciting project and one that Atik is proud to be associated with. Please vist the website to read all about it.