Laser World of Photonics

By Suzanna Blair on

Laser World of Photonics, in Munich is the world’s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications of photonics. This year’s event on the 26th – 29th April, promises talks and demonstrations from industry giants. You can meet the Atik team on booth #A6.214, for an in-depth look at our new products. This year we will be launching the TE series of CCD cameras and the Apx series of CMOS cameras in Europe,… plus a glimpse at what’s coming next!

Apx Series

The Apx Series debuted as our most advanced CMOS cameras to date. These vast CMOS sensors of either 26 or 60 megapixels are ideal for a range of applications requiring long exposures due to robust cooling to -35°C and low noise. These Sony sensors feature no amp glow for perfect, reliable results every time.



TE Series

The TE Series showcases the power and possibilities of CCD technology, exceptional for applications requiring ultimate sensitivity as a key feature. The range of cameras within the TE Series utilise new chamber sealing methodology, increasing the cooling delta to -60°C, achieving incredibly low read noise and ultimately enable detection of the faintest signals. This series is ideal for demanding applications due to the large pixels and impressive full well depth of up to 300,000 e- (summing well 600,000 e-). The ability of choosing between a back or front illuminated sensor and an additional 45mm bi-stable high speed scientific shutter, capable of 20.0 millisecond opening times, provides a bespoke solution for your specific project.


Atik Cameras would like to invite you to attend Laser World of Photonics by providing you with a ticket voucher sent to you from us! For the chance to visit us at booth #A6.214 to talk all about our upcoming product releases and current developments, get in touch through your usual point of contact or our contact form if you would like to attend!