CCD vs CMOS: The Differences Between CCD and CMOS Calibration Files

By Lewis Brown on

Following an intensification of the debate surrounding CCD and CMOS sensors, we are continuing our video series comparing the two.

In this video our CEO, Steve Chambers, explores and compares the differences between CCD and CMOS calibration files using on screen demonstrations. This video includes topics such as bias frames and the effect that CCD providing a more random distribution has. Additionally, Steve explains why glow is often seen around the edges of images taken with a CMOS camera whilst he also covers the extent of fixed pattern signal in CMOS images when compared to CCD images.

Watch the video below:

Video Timestamps:

00:13 – Introduction

00:58 – Bias Frames

03:42 – Glow

06:21 – Dark Frames

09:41 – Flat Fields

12:36 – Concluding Thoughts