CCD Sensor

Our CCD cameras are optimally suited for low-light imaging. Browse our range to find the optimal equipment for you today.

We offer a versatile range of CCD cameras

With over 20 cooled CCD cameras in Atik’s ranges, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right CCD camera for you. Rest assured that you will always find quality when looking for CCD cameras for astrophotography or OEM at Atik Cameras.

Many of our CCD Sensor options come with the choice of peltier cooled Sony CCD sensors ranging from 1.4MPixels up to 9.2MPixels, the potential to customise and -35°C cooling below ambient. The OEM Series can cater to a wide range of OEM requirements.

The OEM Series can be changed to accommodate any sensor and popular choices including:

  • Sony – ICX825, IMX249, IMX428, IMX304, ICX694, ICX695, ICX814, ICX815, ICX834, ICX285, ICX274, ICX674, ICX655, ICX445
  • Kodak – KAF-8300, KAI-11002, KAF-16200
  • Panasonic – MN34230
  • Teledyne e2v – CCD77-00

Whatever your need, you can find easily adaptable products built in house in our ISO 9001 accredited European premises, with full design support from our expert team in the UK. Get a quote today.