Microscopy Cameras

Microscope cameras from Atik are optimal for fast live imaging with short reaction times, high resolution and clear contrast. Browse our range.

Ensure higher quality imaging for your microscope camera with our VS Range.

At Atik Cameras, we can ensure that your scientific cooled CCD Camera has the flexibility to meet the needs of most microscopy cameras. With over a decade in the business of designing and manufacturing quality, scientific cameras, we have made it our business to go above and beyond to make OEM appliances that will increase image quality whilst decreasing read noise drastically. Put simply, with easy modification and the unique ability to create bespoke OEM applications in house, we have the right camera for the right application.

In swapping the standard camera found in most microscopy bundles for one of our cooled CCD Cameras such as those of our VS Range will increase imaging sensitivity for applications such as fluorescence microscopy and single cell microscopy. The ICX285 sensor utilised in this range provides a versatile solution for any low light application which simplifies the designer’s task of integration.